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Meet Junior Dhoni - Sanush Suryadev


He plays cricketing shots like a true professional and his masterstrokes with the bat will amaze all cricket fans. If you are thinking that we are talking about a cricketing legend, think again. We are talking about a wonder boy from Chennai called Sanush Suryadev, who is barely three years old and is already a cricket sensation. 

The little boy is all over social media and there are many videos of him on the Internet, where he plays some beautiful cricketing strokes. Sanush's magic with the cricket bat at such a young age, has earned him the nickname 'Junior MSD'. 

Recently, Sanush has entered the India Book of Records for his talent and none other than cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni met the boy and his parents. Sanush's parents Murugan Raj and Subhatra have always encouraged their son to follow his heart and they have supported his interest in playing cricket. 

Parenting a prodigy comes with its own challenges. A child prodigy needs the same love and care as any other child at the physical and emotional levels. Parents need to ensure that they do not push their child prodigy too much and do not exploit his talents.             

Check this interesting ClipBook to know all about this cricket prodigy.     



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