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Meditation And Children


Today’s children face numerous challenges and distractions that might prove difficult for them to overcome.

From academics to other activities, children are constantly under stress and asked to deliver daily. So, what can be done?

Meditation helps to harness the restless mind. Meditation gives children the freedom from negative effects of stress and keeps their minds fresh and alert.

But how can you teach meditation to children? Go through this ClipBook to find out.


What Happens When Children Learn To Meditate

The benefits of regular meditation for adults have been well-established in scientific research: stress relief, mental focus, life balance, and overall contentment. But what about children? Can kids be taught to meditate, and if so, what do little...

5 Reasons Why Children Need To Meditate

A simple yet very effective technique called meditation is one of the most valuable skills we can teach our children. Did you know that regular practice of meditation has several beneficial effects on our children’s emotional, mental and intellect...

Tips To Teach Children Mindfulness And Meditation

Meditation and mindfulness were commonly seen as adult 'pursuits' for many years, but that has all started to change. There is an increasing interest in teaching children these methods to help them relax, de-stress and learn how to connect to thei...

How To Get Kids To Meditate

An increasing number of children have been showing elevated signs of stress, restlessness, and anxiety starting at a very early age. We know meditation is a great tool to find peace and balance amid our hectic lives and that’s why we enjoy our pra...

Ways To Start Kids Meditating

With kids, often the first step in meditation practice is consciously and with focus exploring the senses. Try the following kid meditation exercises to help the little yogis create calm, focus and build self-awareness.

Meditation Reduces The Risk Of Depression In Schoolchildren

Teaching children a form of meditation called ‘mindfulness’, a psychological technique which focuses on awareness and attention can reduce a parents stress levels, which means, their mental health improves.

Simple Meditation Techniques For Children

Just like adults, children also need to meditate regularly to boost their focusing power, control their minds, soothe their inner selves and build self-confidence. But, how to teach meditation to kids? Here are some simple tricks and techniques to...

Meditation For Better Parenting

Meditation has the capacity to add more beauty to parenthood. With daily practice of meditation, your intuitive ability blossoms and you find it easier to communicate to the little one. It is important for parents to find ways to rest and be fresh...

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