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Medication Safety For Children



Medicine Safety In Children

Children are curious by nature, and it makes sense that they would be even more curious when it comes to medication. Many medications look and taste like candy. However, when it comes to medication, we want to be careful to keep them safe. Here ar...

Medications: Using Them Safely

Giving kids medicine safely can be complicated. Many parents feel the pressure when a young child needs certain medications, knowing that giving too much or too little could cause serious side effects.

How To Give Your Child Medicine

The most common mistake that parents make when giving medications is giving the wrong dosage. They may mix up teaspoons for tablespoons or how often to give the medication. So, make sure you double-check the dosage and how you measure the medicati...

Kids, Medicine Is Not Candy

As the child stubbornly refuses to take the medication, parents often say, “Please take this yummy candy.” This common mistake is an easy one to make, but could be deadly for your child.

How To Safely Dispose Old Medicine

As time passes, medicines may lose their effectiveness. The disposal method you chose can have a direct effect on the health and safety of the environment. Learn more about your options and how to safely dispose old or unused medication.

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