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Math Fiction Books For Children


Whether your child is in head over heels love with math or terrified of multiplication signs, this list has a book that your child can enjoy. Math is often a subject that is mystified and treated as something only geniuses can understand. It comes across as subject that requires a lot of work, but with little fruit.

However, that need not be the case at all. One just needs the right approach and point of view towards math to make it seem as exciting as any other learning adventure. This is why we have put together a ClipbBook that collects fun and engaging mathematical fiction to draw your child into the world of math. The books create enticing plots around mathematical concepts and puzzles so that your child feels compelled to think mathematically not because of a boring assignment, but to understand the book and the plot better. This is a great way of learning, as it is not forced, but depends on the motivation and the involvement of the child in learning the material. 


Math Curse By Jon Scieszka

This book is especially for the children who are afraid of math and might consider it as a curse even. It all changes when the protagonist of the book starts to see the world through math problems and suddenly problem is mathematical, even the que...

The Adventures Of Penrose The Mathematical Cat By Theoni Pappas

This book does not go into the ordinary mathematical concepts encountered in school, but some of the more fascinating ideas in higher level mathematics. Nonetheless, Theoni Pappas does a good job of putting those ideas across in a simple way throu...

Sideways Arithmetic From Wayside School By Louis Sachar

This book is a treat from the award-winning children’s author, Louis Sachar. The book weaves in plot with mathematical and logical puzzles for the reader to solve. These aren’t normal puzzles but sideways ones and ask questions about why two elves...

The Phantom Tollbooth By Norton Juster

Norton Juster takes the readers on a fantastical journey with a young bored boy called Milo, who learns to be curious about the world around him. The journey involves some of the strangest things that Milo has ever seen. From subtraction soup, whi...

Sir Cumference And The First Round Table By Cindy Neuschwander

This is just the first book in the series of Sir Cumference and Charlesbridge's Math Adventures. Full of fun word play and mathematical concepts, it makes for an entertaining and educational read for anyone above the age of six.

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