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Martial Arts: A Way To Good Health


Is your kid bored of aerobics and yoga? How about trying karate or martial arts for fitness, instead? This way, your child will learn a self-defence technique too.

Martial arts, an ancient form of self-defence is increasingly becoming popular as a part fitness regimen. Challenge your body and mind with different types of martial arts such as tai chi, karate, taekwondo and others.

In this ClipBook, we have discussed the benefits of martial arts along with 5 self-defence moves every girl should know. We have also listed health benefits of kickboxing and taekwondo. It also covers articles on martial arts and its effect on mental well-being.

We also have three videos for you. One that introduces you to martial arts and another that shows different martial arts moves that children are practising.  In a third video, we have two young kids imitating their karate master. It is quite hilarious. Do take a look.

So go on, flip through the pages of our ClipBook and learn about different types of martial arts and get inspired. 


Martial Arts For Better Brains

Did you know that martial arts can boost your child's brain? A technique of self-defence, martial art is good for physical fitness and even mental health. Learn more.

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Try kickboxing as a way to keep fit and release stress. A serious workout for the entire body, many celebs swear by its benefits. Find out more.

All You Need To Know About Taekwondo

Taekwondo provides both fitness and mental benefits to children and adults alike. If you are keen on overall fitness, try taekwondo along with your child.

All You Need To Know About Tai Chi

Do you know that Tai Chi, a popular form of martial arts can help in your mobility? Tai Chi is known to have other benefits for your well-being. Here is a guide for beginners to get you started on this unique art form.

5 Self-Defence Moves Every Girl Should Know

Did you know that apart from fending off a potential attacker, knowing self-defence techniques can help you feel more confident? Here are five moves you and your daughter should know to stay safe.

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