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Marks Aren't Everything


'Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education' — Martin Luther King Jr.

The demands of the competitive world and our education system forces students to study only to obtain high marks, and in the process, lose track of the real purpose of education. The idea of obtaining high marks in exams is so deeply ingrained in our minds that a child who scores low isn't looked upon favourably. 

However, we need to change our outlook and remind our children that there is much more to education than just obtaining good marks. Achieving good grades does make life easier by helping a child secure a seat in a college of her choice and a cushy job after that. But are all these enough to guarantee her a happy and fruitful life? It is the knowledge that a child acquires and the character she develops, which will make her reach greater heights in life.

An article titled, ‘Marks are not everything’, published in The Hindu in May 2015, suggests that teachers and parents should understand what the students are good at and help them develop in that direction. The article quotes Dr T S Natarajan, professor in IIT Madras, who says, “Long ago, exams were devised to give the teacher a measure of how effective the teaching has been, but now it has evolved to a stage when everyone — students, parents, teachers and the management — just use it to judge the capability of the student.”

Every child is different and so are their interests and capabilities. So, instead of focusing only on marks, it will be a better idea to help develop a child’s knowledge and expertise in an area of her interest. Not only will this develop her competence, but also ensure that she enjoys the learning process.

This ClipBook is a collection of good reads that will help you understand why marks are not as essential as they seem. 


Marks Are Not Everything

Securing low marks in exams can upset the plans of any student. However, there are a various other opportunities for one who has an open mindset . You just need to look around and find what suits you the best.

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