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Managing Tantrums And Emotions

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Tantrums, An Opportunity To Connect With Our Kids?

Tantrums are an expression of strong feelings, and that does not make it a bad. It’s good that our child feels comfortable enough to express her emotions.So could we look at tantrums as opportunities to connect with our children and help them lear...

A Bulletin On Tantrums

Listen to the second episode of a series of radio shows done by Parenting Matters in association with Chennai Live 104.8 FM.

Managing Your Toddler: Tantrums!

Tantrums are normal for toddlers, even legendary. Toddlers feel so passionately about everything, and they simply don't have enough frontal cortex capacity yet to control themselves when they're upset.

5 Steps To Managing Big Emotions

Our children are watching and learning from everything we do. And managing big emotions is hard when you are two or four or six or sixteen. In fact at times it can be hard, whatever age you are!

Using Eft To Calm Kids & Help Them Process Emotions

Parents often ask me how they can de-stress and stay calm with their kids. They also ask about techniques to teach kids, that the child can use to calm herself when she's upset.

Tantrums Aren't Just For Two Year Olds

We regularly hear about the terrible twos and the troublesome threes but it’s not uncommon to hear that even older children have tantrums. How can this be when the experts tell us these angry outbursts are most typically a result of the frustratio...

Our "Emotions" Card Game

The game gets kids identifying and talking about a range of emotions – 40 different emotions in fact! They’ll talk about their experiences of a range of emotions, their body’s physical reactions to emotions and strategies for overcoming overwhelmi...

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