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Managing 'quality' Time

Anvita Bajpai


"How Do You Find Your Own Work-Life Balance?

As it comes to my balance, I balance my personal and family life, along with my professional (that two in two directions) demands - using following concepts.

On Learning To Live

Life has four important pulls - live, evolve, create and nurture.The struggle lies in figuring out a way to balance these pulls - that's what is the common and of interest between all of us - and that's what is LIFE.

Understanding The Right Placement - In Your Own Life

I have spoken about this example of Krishna [as also quoted in this article, by Devdutt Pattanaik, titled - "As corporate executives spend more time at work, they pay a price back home"], and many more examples during my talks that I have given wh...

As Corporate Executives Spend More Time At Work, They Pay A Price Back Home

One of the most disturbing stories that we find it the Puranas is the story of Krishna's son Samba, whose mother was the bear-princes, Jambavati. He dupes his father's junior wives by disguising himself as Krishna and is cursed by Krishna that he ...

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