Man Mission To Mars Likely In ’18

Man Mission To Mars Likely In ’18

: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is looking at putting people on planet Mars by 2030 even as plans are afoot to put the next ‘lander’ on the red planet in 2018. “There are lot of things about Mars we do not know.

European Space Agency Changing Space Communication Network To Lasers – South Bend Science Centre - Albany Daily Star Gazette

European Space Agency began the construction of Phase One of a data highway in space, by saying a laser-equipped satellite into space on Friday.The European Space Agency a new laser terminal into orbit as part of broader efforts to Europe’s first ...

Nasa Astronaut Scott Kelly Shares His Experience After 1 Year In Space

Scott Kelly and Mikhail Kornienko returned from their mission at the beginning of March. They spent just over 12 months in orbit. Read more ...

If You Want To Be Astronaut, Just Login Usajobs.Gov, Try Your Chance – Charlotte Science Centre - Albany Daily Star Gazette

NASA is published new astronaut applications on USAJobs.gov. Qualified candidates could be part of a future mission to Mars or a launch to the space station aboard a SpaceX or Boeing spacecraft. The agency expects to announce candidate finalists ...

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Man Mission To Mars Likely In ’18

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Man mission to Mars likely in ’18