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Malaria: Causes, Treatment, & Prevention


Malaria is a mosquito-borne disease that can prove fatal if not treated accordingly. Characterised by fever, chills and profuse sweating, malaria can be a serious illness in children, especially those under the age of five years.

Caused by the bite of the female Anopheles mosquito, Malaria is common in the hot and tropical areas of the world. If properly treated, a patient can expect a complete recovery.

According to an article titled Malaria: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments by Peter Lam published in medicalnewstoday.com in 2016, the normal symptoms of malaria in children include: a sensation of cold and shivering; fever, headaches and vomiting with some children even experiences seizures; and sweats followed by a return to normal temperature with extreme tiredness.

Other symptoms of malaria include a dry or non-productive cough, muscle or back pain or both and enlarged spleen. In severe cases, a patient can even have multiple convulsions.

Symptoms usually appear within 7-30 days but can take longer. If a child has symptoms of malaria and the blood tests confirm the same, the child will need plenty of rest, light and healthy food, and frequent sponging to bring the fever down. In severe cases, hospitalisation is required.

Kidshealth.org suggests preventive measures such as window screens, insect repellents and placing mosquito nets over beds of the child.

With proper treatment, malaria can usually be cured in a period of 2 weeks. To know more about malaria in children, flip through the pages of this ClipBook. Do click on the like button if you enjoyed reading.


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