Making The Internet Safe For Kids

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These rules are aimed mostly at younger children, at oldest pre-teens. Appropriate “rules” for online use vary by age, maturity of the child and family values (updated June, 2013)  1.   I will not give out personal information such as my address, ...

Internet Safety Tips For Kids And Teens

1. Spend time having fun with your parents online and helping them understand technology! 2. Never post your personal information, such as a cell phone number, home number, home address, or your location on any social networking site or through m...

Basic Internet Safety

Learning to recognize the warning signs of these risks will allow trusted adults to intervene and lessen potential negative impacts. By acting as a resource, parents and guardians can help make the Internet a safer place for their families. As a p...

Free Internet Safety For Kids Tutorial At Gcflearnfree

Practicing safety is a must with anyone who goes online, but with kids it is especially important. This tutorial will discuss the threats your kids may encounter while online, and it will show you how protect them and talk to them about being safe...

Staying Safe Online | Safety Net Kids

1)      Don’t post any personal information online – like your address, email address or mobile number. 2)      Think carefully before posting pictures or videos of yourself.  Once you’ve put  a picture of yourself online most people can see it a...

Internet Safety Tips For Children And Teens

Personal Information. Don’t give out personal information without your parents’ permission. This means you should not share your last name, home address, school name, or telephone number. Remember, just because someone asks for information about y...

Privacy And Internet Safety

To help kids maximize the Internet's benefits -- while minimizing the risks -- we offer the latest research, tips, and tools on what really keeps kids safe. Which privacy settings should you use? What are the ins and outs of parental controls? Get...

How To Keep Kids Safe Online

Parent's Guide: watch Common Sense Media's How to Keep Kids Safe Online advice video to help you make informed decisions with your children.

Kids' Online Safety | Consumer Information

Tools like game ratings and parental controls can help you learn about the games your kids want to play — and help you make sure they’re playing according to your rules.

Online Safety

Children can use mobiles or tablets anywhere – from their bedrooms to when they're out and about - so it can be tricky to keep track of what they're doing online. You may want to think about: Smartphones and tablets have a GPS (Global Positioning ...

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Making The Internet Safe For Kids

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Learn to make the internet safe for youngsters