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Making Promises To Your Child


“Promises are worse than lies. You don’t just make them, you also make them hope” — anonymous.

Making a promise is an emotionally intense action. A promise made by a parent to his child fills the child with assurance and hope. But every promise comes with the possibility of it being fulfilled or broken by the person making the promise. Are you a parent who often breaks the promise made to his child?

According to an article titled ‘Broken Promises: The 3 Biggest Negative Effects Of Breaking Promises To Your Children’ written by Daniel in the Parent Herald, “When parents break their promises, they are unintentionally teaching their kids not to trust them. Many kids look for consistency between their parents' words and actions and when that does not happen, kids lose their trust on their parents.” Broken promises make children unhappy and gives rise to feelings of betrayal. An article on lists seven things that happen when parents break promises made to their children.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you keep every promise you have made to your child. By keeping your word, you will teach your child to keep his word and honour what he says when he grows up. Before you break your promise, give the thought a lot of consideration. Weigh what it would mean to your child and how you can make it up to him. Remember, making a promise to your child is serious business.

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Making And Breaking Promises To Kids

Has your child ever accusingly said, "But you promised!"? Did you break a promise or did your child misinterpret a statement as a promise when no promise was intended? Being intentional about what is a promise and what is not can be helpful in avo...

Keeping Promises Is Important To Kids

When a child grows up with parents who only make promises they can keep, that child learns the value of a promise; and that child will grow up to be a person of integrity who also only makes promises that he or she can keep.

Think Long And Hard Before Breaking A Promise To A Child

From an early age, all children believe that right at the top of the Ten Commandments is “Your parent shalt not break a promise.” And rue the parent who does. Broken promises can produce very unhappy children.

Keep Your Promises: Your Kids Rely On It

The expression on a child’s face when you don’t keep your promises is downright painful to see! Is there a greater disappointment for a child than when you do not keep your promises?

The 3 Negative Effects Of Breaking Promises To Your Children

It is a common scenario for parents to break their promises to their children thinking that it has no significant bearing on their relationship. However, this line of thinking is incorrect.

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