Making Failures Count

Why We Should Let Our Children Fail

Out of love and a desire to protect our children’s self-esteem, we have bulldozed every uncomfortable bump and obstacle out of their way, depriving our children of the most important lesson of childhood: that setbacks, mistakes and failures are th...

Teach Your Kid How To Fail Productively In School, Sports, And Life

You have to let kids experience disappointment, frustration and failure if they're going to become self-reliant adults. Lahey's definition of failure and her recommendations for how to apply it in the context of your kids' school, sports, and soci...

Why Parents Need To Let Their Children Fail

According to the author - Year after year, my "best" students -- the ones who are happiest and successful in their lives -- are the students who were allowed to fail, held responsible for missteps, and challenged to be the best people they could b...

Teaching Math Through Productive Failure

Elly is a student studying math. And she's mad. She's mad about how math was taught to her growing up and why nobody told her that being good at math has nothing to do with finishing problems quickly or flawlessly.

Embrace The Near Win

At her first museum job, art historian Sarah Lewis noticed something important about an artist she was studying: Not every artwork was a total masterpiece. She asks us to consider the role of the almost-failure, the near win, in our own lives. In ...

6 Wise Quotes On Failure.

I’m a success, in some areas, because I fail several times a day, and learn from my mistakes. In other areas, I’m a failure, because I fail several times a day, and fail to learn from my missteps. “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it i...

His Failures Led To His Success

Jimmy Wales is an American Internet entrepreneur best known as the founder of Wikimedia Foundation. Here he describes his failures leading up to and since founding WikiPedia.

Tough Day? Check Out 5 Icons Who Stumbled Before Succeeding

Everybody stumbles...even those who seem like they have it together. The next time you feel a little distraught by a mistake or failed attempt, remember that at one point, these famous, successful people felt like you!

How To Prepare Your Kids To Deal Effectively With Setbacks And Failures

As you watch your child take on something new, how many of you silently pray “Oh gosh, please, please let him not fail”? It’s the natural parenting instinct in us. Most of us do this, even though we know that statistically, there is no way anyone ...

10 Things You Should Do Now So Your Kids Know How To Deal With Failure

We can't make sure our kids always succeed. We can however teach them how to deal with failure effectively, and set them on the path to success. Here's how.

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Making Failures Count

Nalina Ramalakshmi, Nalina RamalakshmiNalina Ramalakshmi
"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm." - Sir Winston Churchhill