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Making Every Voice Heard


Communication is one of the many skills affected by autism. Autistic children have difficulty mainly with nonverbal forms of communication. So, the common misconception is that these children cannot communicate or understand language. This belief is entirely wrong. With the right intervention and therapy, autistic children can also learn language and communicate with people around them.

Before we start teaching autistic children, it is very important that we understand their special needs and requirements. As a result of autism, these children are unable to develop certain skills on their own, so they need to be taught these skills. But these children should be taught in a way that will make learning easier for them. To help autistic children learn, it is important to break down activities in such a way that they are able to understand and express themselves. Using more pictorial representation and audio-visual aids can greatly enhance their learning ability. This form of teaching can also enhance their communication, language and speech skills. Nowadays, with the advent of technology, the market has been flooded with learning apps, but the trick again is to make learning simple.

Another important requirement is a caring and patient instructor, who does not give up on the child if he is taking a longer time than expected. Each autistic child is special and unique; hence, care should be taken to suit their pace.

This ClipBook by our partner AVAZ introduces a new app made solely for the purpose of empowering kids with language and communication difficulties. To know more, flip through the ClipBook.

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Speech, Language, And Communication

We possess these three different abilities, language, speech, and communication, but they are so closely interlinked that it’s often difficult to know where one starts and another ends.

Choice-Making Empowers Children

The reason we posed this question was because it throws up a number of interesting subtleties in AAC strategy, which every parent should know.

Is One Hour Of Speech Therapy At School Sufficient For Your Child?

Research shows that children “come to understand the language as a result of hearing the language used frequently and interactively, in context. In general, most children hear approximately 1,200 words per hour, and they learn language by listenin...

This Will Revolutionize How You Think About Language!

Avaz FreeSpeech is a way of representing ideas visually, and a way of converting the representation into perfectly grammatical, meaningful English (or any other language).You can use Avaz FreeSpeech to create maps of images, to represent ideas in ...

Why Pictures Help Kids Communicate Better Than Words

Most children with autism are primarily “visual learners”, and we can use the visual pathways of the brain to bypass,as it were, the verbal pathways. Though the child is not communicating verbally, they are able to express themselves accurately an...

Every Child Can Read And Write

We believe, as a matter of faith, that one of the end-points of AAC(Augmentative and Alternative Communication) is the development of literacy, i.e. the ability for a non-verbal child to read and write.

The Importance Of Motivation

Some parents report their children touching the wrong keys, responding incorrectly and getting distracted. Disheartened by the lack of immediate results, parents spend decreasing amounts of time helping their child with the AAC.

Babu Loves His Biryani

Using Avaz, Babu was also able to tell his teacher what he wanted to eat for lunch, and his mother was more than happy to comply.

Helping Jyothi Speak - Lalitha's Reflections

One child, Jyothi, who has never spoken at all save a couple of words in all her 14 years is suddenly attempting to speak. Although the words are not comprehensible, she is making a very strong attempt at trying to speak. Her mother was extremely ...

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