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Make Your Own Hug Card

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Reach Out And Hug Someone! Send An Embrace With This Diy Card

Sometimes, everyone needs a good hug. But for those times when loved ones are too far away for hugging, you’ll need the next best thing: A card that will reach out and embrace them for you. Let your kids strike a pose and send a hug with this fun ...

Make A Diy Mail-A-Hug Card With Your Kids - Urbanmoms

I have distinct memories of my mom explaining how to write a letter when I was a kid. She required I do this around the holidays every year at card-sending time (we have a lot of overseas relatives.) I had no idea what to write, and although she h...

Grandparents Day Craft: Homemade Hug Greeting Cards!

School was cancelled for Madeline yesterday due to the heat and part of the air conditioning system not working in her school. Of course we decided to make something. Making something for us can go one of two very different ways: Cooking and bakin...

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