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Make Maths Fun Through Abacus


One of the primitive mathematical learning tool - the abacus - is a great way to make learning mathematics fun for children even today. You can find it in markets in many colourful forms that will attract the attention of small children and motivate them to use it to play and learn mathematics.

The uses of abacus as a teaching aid are many. Besides being visually appealing, the abacus also stimulates the child’s sense of touch, sight and hearing, thus adding another dimension to learning maths. This multi-sensory engagement is very important in the early stages of childhood.

All the basic operations involved in maths such as counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division can be taught with the help of an abacus. Moreover, if you didn’t already know this then you will be surprised to know that the abacus can also be used to teach complex mathematical concepts such as fractions, square and cube roots, place values. In fact, a lot of teachers do use it in even higher classes to teach these concepts to students. The abacus, if used with innovation, will create a solid foundation for learning basic mathematical concepts in the mind of your child.

Our ClipBook will help you know all that you need to know about this wonderful mathematical tool and how you can make the most of it to teach mathematics to your kids.


Getting To Know Abacus

Abacus is an instrument that was invented some 2500 years ago primarily in China. It was used in the ancient times for calculating numbers through basic arithmetic system. An abacus instrument allows performing basic operations like addition, subt...

The Abacus: A Brief Introduction To Its Anatomy And Construction

The abacus is typically constructed of various types of hardwoods and comes in varying sizes. The frame of the abacus has a series of vertical rods on which a number of wooden beads are allowed to slide freely. A horizontal beam separates the fram...

How Was The Abacus Born?

It is difficult to imagine counting without numbers, but there was a time when written numbers did not exist. Merchants who traded goods needed a way to keep count of the goods they bought and sold. Various portable counting devices were invented ...

How To Use An Abacus

Everyone loves an abacus! It is such an elegant, clever tool. But do you know how to help your child get the most out of it? If not, here are 13 practical suggestions to help you understand how to use an abacus.

The Power Of Mental Abacus

Studies on a group of children trained to use a “mental abacus” suggest the technique frees mathematics from its usual dependence on language. In some parts of the world, particularly India, China and Japan, school children sign up for intense tra...

10 Facts About Abacus

Many people call it as the earliest version of the computer. It is often used by Chinese people when they want to count. The first appearance of Abacus was spotted around 2700 till 2033 BCE in Mesopotamia. Let’s find out more facts about abacus in...

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