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Make Cleaning Fun For Children


Toddlers and young children enjoy doing chores around the house. However, the same cannot be said for older children and teenagers! Often parents don’t allow children to participate in cleaning chores, as work done by children isn’t always perfect. It can also be time-consuming, as children fail to understand directions or tend to distract parents by asking questions most of the time. But it pays to involve children from a younger age to share responsibility around the house.

An article in says, “Research shows that children who participated in household tasks starting at age three or four were more likely to succeed in adulthood. I’m talking big success like educational completion, meeting career goals, and maintaining good relationships with family and friends.”

The key to involving children of all ages in cleaning tasks is to make such activities fun. Depending on the age of your children, you can create cleaning games on certain weekends. For instance, one idea can be to set a time limit for certain cleaning tasks and the first person to complete it can be the winner. You can also assign each child one room to clean. The first person to finish dusting gets to skip the next cleaning task. A simple task of folding clean clothes can also be made fun by turning it into a competition. says, “Kids respond well to praise and recognition, and if they feel they’ve done a good job and had fun, they’re more likely to want to help out with the household chores again and again.”

For more creative ideas, you can read the excellent articles in this ClipBook. 


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