Major Childhood Diseases And Disorders

The Signs Of Autism

How to identify autism in a child

5 Types And 9 Ways To Deal With Anxiety In Children

Does your child frequently panic at smallest of things? Is your child constantly nervous and scared for some unknown reason? Anxiety is a state of nervousness that brings along with it variety of mental disorders, accompanied by bouts of panic att...

6 Common Behavioral Problems In Children & Their Remedies

Understanding your child is not a cakewalk at all. Knowing your child’s psychology is a full time job in itself and may require a lot of hard, as well as smart work, from you. It takes a lot of patience and concentration to fully realize what is g...

Young People And Mental Health

Mental illness is often thought of only as an adult concern. But about half of mental illnesses begin to reveal themselves in childhood. What is the state of children’s mental health and how is it different from that of adults? Source: TopCounseli...

The Components Of Autism

An infographic on all the components of Autism

Oppositional Defiant Disorder – Infographic

Do you wonder if your child has characteristics of an Oppositional Defiant Disorder child? Some symptoms can range from persistent anger issues to tantrums, uncooperative, hostile or annoying behaviors. Often times leading to arguments with people...

Personality Disorders In Children - 6 Causes & 3 Treatments You Should Be Aware Of

Personality disorder is a health condition where children have different and rigid patterns of behavior and thoughts. As parents, you must be worried about your children and their unexpected and unusual behavior. It is important for you to know mo...

Child Depression And What Parents Can Do

Understanding the reasons behind what is happening is always the first step to dealing with an issue. So as a parent, before everything else, find out the cause of your child’s depression. From there, you can make an informed decision on what to d...

9 Simple Ways To Deal With Separation Anxiety In Children

Do you remember the time when your baby started crying the moment you left her with someone else, maybe even your partner? As a parent to a baby, you may have gone through your baby’s stages of separation anxiety. If you thought this condition wou...

Stress Disorders

Stress disorders occur when Children or adolescents are exposed to traumatic events or situations overwhelming their abilities to face life.

Ocd In Children: Signs, Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

Obsessive compulsive disorder in children and teens has become more common in recent years. About one in every 200 American children suffers from OCD.

5 Unexpected Treatments For Narcissistic Personality Disorder In Your Kid

Is your kid behaving like a snob? Does he pay less attention to what you or others have to say? If you are ready to shrug it off as another whimsical attitude of a modern day child, think again. It could be something more. There are chances that y...

An Inside Look At Adhd

An infographic that gives you a detailed look of ADHD

Infographic: The Truth About Aces

Understanding of the impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and the need to develop effective innovative interventions.

What Is Dyslexia

The first things you need to know about this learning disorder

Adhd Infographic 1

ADHD is one of the most common neuro-developmental disorders...

The Forgotten Children

When it comes to mental disorders, 10% of our children are falling through the cracks.

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Major Childhood Diseases And Disorders

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Diseases and disorders that are common among children