Love Your Post-baby Body

How To Love Your Post-Baby Body

From stretch marks to leaky boobs, learn to embrace what Mother Nature’s given you (for now, anyway). You spent nine months cooking that baby — nine long months of watching everything you put in your mouth, popping those prenatals, and reading eve...

Feel Better About Your Post-Baby Body

So you're toting a few extra pounds and sagging in some places you weren't before. So what? Your body is still sexy and incredible. Here's how to believe it! "Mushy tushy, mushy tushy!" I remember giggling as I jiggled my mom's cottage-cheesy butt...

Feeling Good About Your Post-Baby Body | Babycenter

For the past nine months, your body hasn't been your own. Though you may have read or heard about how it would change, you probably weren't fully prepared for the physical toll that pregnancy took. And now you want your body back! That's perfectly...

8 Ways To Love Your Body After Having A Baby

Being pregnant and giving birth change your body in ways that can be surprising, strange, and downright upsetting. Yet when you have that baby in your arms you're amazed that he came from YOU, and suddenly the tummy pooch and the boob rearrangemen...

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Love Your Post-baby Body

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How to Love Your Post-Baby Body