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Losing The First Tooth


Losing the first tooth can be scary, but at the same time, exciting for kids. It is a rite of passage after all. But shaky teeth can also be painful. A milk tooth only begins to wiggle when the permanent tooth from below pushes it out. According to an article published in, ‘But it is possible for kids to lose a baby tooth before the permanent tooth is ready to erupt, especially because of an accident or dental disease. In this case, sometimes a pediatric dentist will put a custom-fit plastic placeholder (spacer) in until the adult tooth is ready to emerge. This prevents future spacing problems.’

Usually kids begin to lose milk teeth at around age 4. But it can be as late as age 7, which is also normal. Incisors are the first to go; molars the last. If you are concerned, you can always consult a paediatric dentist.

If your kid has a wobbly tooth, ask her not to forcibly remove it. Yanking a loose tooth can cause infection in the gums or lead to pain or bleeding. Also, refrain from pulling your kid's tooth out if it is quite loose and causing your kid discomfort. Your kid can experience soreness when permanent molars begin to emerge. With the emergence of permanent teeth, your kid really needs to understand the significance of brushing and cleaning teeth properly. At this stage, you can teach your kid proper oral care, lessons which can last for life.

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