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Losing Baby Teeth: All You Need To Know


Did your child lose her tooth? Most children lose their teeth around the age of six to eight years. It is also a sign that your child is growing up. Go through the ClipBook to know what to do when your child loses her teeth and how to extract tooth painlessly. The ClipBook also talks about some myths surrounding losing tooth and lists out some fun activities to do when your child loses her tooth.  


Losing Baby Teeth

The loss of baby teeth is an exciting milestone for little kids. Here's what to expect when the tooth fairy comes to call. Baby teeth loosen as their roots dissolve, clearing the way for permanent teeth, explains George White, D.D.S., a professor ...

Useful Tips On Loosing Baby Teeth

Loosing baby teeth can be a stressful  for kids (and parents!), so here are some useful tips!

How To Remove Your Kid's Tooth Painlessly

Teething is a trying time for both parents and kids alike, but by age three, most children have all 20 of their primary teeth. However, you only have about three years or so without much tooth-related drama. Around the age of 6, they start to fal...

Baby Teeth Eruption Charts

Teeth vary in size, shape and their location in the jaws. These differences enable teeth to work together to help you chew, speak and smile. They also help give your face its shape and form. At birth people usually have 20 baby (primary) teeth, wh...

19 Genius Tooth Fairy Ideas

At night your kid drops their tooth to the bottom of a normal glass of water, then wakes in the morning to discover the tooth is gone and the water is now coloured. When your kid asks what happened, you explain the tooth fairy's dress colored the ...

Lost Tooth Myths From Around The World

Losing a tooth is a universal rite of passage every kid on the planet goes through. And with loose teeth come that first inevitable visit from the tooth fairy herself. As a parent, it can be tough to figure out how to tackle the myths that come al...

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