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Look For Humour In Everyday Life


Silence is golden unless you have children; then silence is suspicious.

Humour an essential in parenting as it is in many other situations in life. An excellent way to defuse a difficult situation is to introduce humour into the scenario. You have the choice to lose your temper when your sweetie pie decides to paint flowers on your living room wall or you can laugh it off and gently discipline your child.

Besides putting on a cape and acting like a superhero, every parent is a superhero with superhuman strength and stamina. The focus of this ClipBook is to reveal how humour can help busy parents. It encourages the ability to see humour in everyday situations. “There is no other reason I can think of as to why the laundry basket refills at the rate it does. If my bank balance refilled as quickly, I’d be one happy camper,” says parenting blogger Sid Balachandran in

In the same vein, this ClipBook answers questions like these: What does Murphy’s law have to do with toddler naps or spousal time? Why use whacky baby products? How can you demystify laundry? What is it with clutter that follows you around? What’s this about Armpits and hot air? How can humour help you with spam mail and serious aunts?

This ClipBook will have you ROFL. It will lighten up the mood of any dreary day.

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