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Long-sightedness In Children


Do you know most children learn visually? This means that eyesight plays an important role in helping children grasp information. But, what do you do when your child has an uncorrected vision problem? Long-sightedness is one of the vision problems that can seriously affect your child’s development.

Let us understand what long-sightedness means. It is a condition in which the eyeball is shorter than usual from front to back; this interferes with the way light is focused on the back of the eye, causing the image to appear out of focus and blurred. Patient memoirs lists various causes of long-sightedness, which include age, genetics as well as certain underlying medical conditions such as diabetes. Also, children are sometimes born long-sighted.

If your child has problem seeing objects clearly at close distances, she might be long-sighted. Long-sightedness or hyperopia is one of the most common eyesight problems that many children suffer from. Long-sighted children often tend to have a squint.

Parents of long-sighted children should take them to an optometrist to correct the issue, says raisingchildren.net.au. Long-sightedness can be treated with either glasses or contact lenses. Sometimes, laser surgery can also be used to correct the defect. Apart from these techniques, certain eye exercises and food also help in combating long-sightedness.

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Long-Sightedness: Faqs

Hyperopia or long sightedness refers to an eye condition in which an image is perceived as out of focus due to an eye that is too short. The focal point (the point at which the light rays entering the eye converge) occurs after the retina, causing...

Long-Sightedness: Causes

If a person suffers from long-sightedness (hyperopia), close objects appear blurred because the light that enters the eye is focused behind the retina, instead of on it. Long-sightedness can be caused by several factors, which are described here.

Warning Signs Of Children's Vision Problems

Did you know that about 80 percent of what children learn in school is taught visually? That means if your child has an uncorrected vision problem, it could severely affect his or her development. Learn some warning signs you should look for by cl...

Long-Sightedness: Complications

Adults rarely have complications as a result of long-sightedness (hyperopia). In children, severe hyperopia can cause them to 'over-focus', leading to double vision and two other eye conditions.

Long-Sightedness: Treatment

There are several different ways long-sightedness can be corrected. The main methods are glasses, contact lenses and laser eye surgery. Long-sightedness can usually be corrected simply and safely using glasses made specifically to your prescription.

Now Lasers Could Beat The Curse Of Long-Sight Too

By Fiona Macrae for the Daily Mail Laser treatment that can restore 20/20 vision in middle age is being tested by doctors. While existing laser surgery tackles short-sightedness, the new technique combats presbyopia, or the long-sightedness that d...

Eye Exercises To Prevent Long-Sightedness

If the exercises are done consistently, they may delay the need for corrective lenses. It is also helpful to keep your eyes from getting strained by taking breaks from work at close distance.

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