Loneliness & Chances Of Dementia !

Loneliness: The Unhealthy Problem That Can Increase Chances Of Dementia By 68 Per Cent

Unless action is taken to help the million pensioners suffering from isolation further strain will be piled on already struggling services, the Local Government Association (LGA) said.  “It blights the lives of over a million older people, with ma...

Dementia: Causes, Symptoms And Treatments

Dementia is a term used to describe various symptoms of cognitive decline such as forgetfulness, but is not a clinical diagnosis itself until an underlying disease or disorder has been identified. Dementia is a collective term used to describe the...

Types Of Dementia

If someone you love gets diagnosed with dementia, it means he has a brain condition that causes problems with his thinking and memory. Dementia itself is not a disease. It relates to a number of common symptoms. It will get worse over time. But ...

Dementia Symptoms, Causes, Treatment - What Are The Early Signs And Symptoms Of Dementia? - Medicinenet

To diagnosis dementia, testing is performed by doctors. While in-office screening assessments are sometimes enough to confirm a diagnosis, at other times a more in-depth evaluation is required. Blood testing and imaging studies are often completed...

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Loneliness & Chances Of Dementia !

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Loneliness: The unhealthy problem that can increase chances of dementia by 68 per cent