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Little Millennium Whitefield started in 2009 with a batch of 40 children and a faculty of 5 teachers. Within a period of 4 years, both our faculty and student number have increased considerably. We now operate with a limit of 100 seats available...


Our classrooms were setup keeping in mind the necessities for a proper learning environment. These showcase children’s original artwork, themed- activity worksheets, group projects, school events and celebrations, as well as pictures and themed-de...

Play Area

A major bonus of ‘Little Millennium Whitefield’s’ exteriors, is the beautiful, spacious lawn we have for the children’s play area. Each group gets a 45 minute session outdoors, with just their own class peers. Outdoor play is never sacrificed for...

Scientific Curriculum

Our scientifically designed curriculum is based on a unique Seven Petal approach and an eclectic approach. Lesson plans are devised with specific learning objectives which are pre-decided in the beginning of the year.

Effective Lesson Plans

Well-researched and documented lesson plans guide the teacher adeptly thought the most effective teaching methods and activities. The lesson plans take the child through sequential learning steps, reinforcing previously learnt concepts and skills ...

Eclectic Approach

We choose the best approach to make learning more effective. As such our curriculum utilizes a unique ‘Eclectic Approach’ to teaching that embraces the best features of Project Method, Montessori Method, Theme-based Method, Multiple Intelligence a...

Seven Petal Approach

Our proprietary ‘Seven Petal approach’ uses sequential learning techniques for the holistic development of every child in the seven skill areas.

Monthly Theme

Children respond well to a theme-based method of learning, especially when it they are given enough time to understand and retain the concepts that they’ve been taught. So saying, a great advantage to our curriculum would be our ‘Monthly Themes.’

'Happy Halloween' - Festive School Party!

For our 4th Halloween Celebrations at school, parents were invited for the first time to join in the festivities with the children! Our event included; a pumpkin carving contest & themed-family dress up competition (both for which prize winners re...

Playgroup's Day Out With Parents!

We had a memorble field trip In November, with the Playgroup Class and their parents to an exciting venue - The Martin Farm, Bangalore! Little Millennium, Whitefield holds a 'Playgroup Parent Participation Day' (PPPD) each session. It is a special...

Grandparents Day Celebrations

For the first time in our school, we held a 'Grandparents Day' event, in honour of their day of celebration! All student grandparents were invited to come spend a grandparent-child participation day with our school.Classes each prepared special pr...

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Little Millennium - Whitefield

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