Little Millennium - Valasaravakkam

Little Millennium Preschool

Welcome to Little MillenniumTM - one of India's Leading Chain Of Preschools. We are part of Educomp Solutions Ltd., India's largest education company and the only firm spread across the entire educational ecosystem. Owing to our scientifically res...


Our proprietary ‘Seven-Petal’ preschool curriculum developed for 2-6 year olds, ensures holistic development of every child based on Sequential Learning and Developmental Milestones and makes use of the Eclectic Approach model, to subsequently imp...

Vision & Mission

Vision:To enable, energise and enhance childhood by fostering growth of mind, body and spirit, which will lead them to become lifelong learners.Mission:To nurture young minds in a culturally appropriate environment and provide opportunities that w...

Excellent Preschool Infrastructure

At 'Little MillenniumTM', we follow a thoughtfully formulated design language that provides a perfect blend of style, aesthetics, reliability, child friendliness and functionality. Every 'Little MillenniumTM' centre is designed keeping children in...

Award Winning Preschool Curriculum

Little MillenniumTM (with trademark) has a well researched, award winning and scientifically developed curriculum that focuses on holistic development of every child, through play activities and collaborative group work. The curriculum aims at pro...

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Little Millennium - Valasaravakkam

Little Millennium - Valasaravakkam, Little Millennium - ValasaravakkamLittle Millennium - Valasaravakkam
Our core value proposition lies in our unique curriculum & well-structured, organised pedagogy that has been developed by Educomp.