Little Millennium: Thiruverkadu, Chennai

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Little Millennium is the best preschool chain in India. The guiding principle of 'Little Millennium Preschool' is to provide children with a culturally sound environment, the right values, love and protection needed for a healthy body, mind and so...

Importance Of Preschool Education

The pre - primary years are important, foundation building years in a child's life. Studies have shown that a child’s earliest years of development are the most critical. During the first 6 years, the brain is twice as active as that of an adult's...

Independence Day

Independence Day is celebrated throughout India on 15th August every year with great splendor, joy and respect for Mother India.

Children’S Day

Children are God’s gift to every parent. They make life more beautiful, bringing a smile to every person’s face. They are innocent and fragile, which is why they are celebrated on Children’s Day.

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Little Millennium: Thiruverkadu, Chennai

Little Millennium - Thiruverkadu, Little Millennium - ThiruverkaduLittle Millennium - Thiruverkadu
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