Little Millennium Summer Camp

Yoga For Kids

Join Sarah Kline and her niece Charlotte in a 10-minute sequence. It's a fun and positive way to channel and redirect some of that cyclone energy! Everyone will benefit!

Very Cute

A 4 year old plays Indian National Anthem Instrumental - Jana Gana Mana - on Violin

Why Teach Dance To Young Children?

Including arts in the young child's early childhood experiences is important to growth, self-esteem, and creative expression of children and in no way trivial to their educational process. Dance should be an integral component of a comprehensive ...

Top Ten Reasons To Get Kids Cooking

Cooking time is bonding time. When you cook together, kids feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. Cooking with kids is one of the most valuable family activities you can engage in together. Here's why..Read on..

How To Make Crafts With Waste Material

Making crafts with children is a fun activity where they can learn many things. For example, we can use materials that at first glance have no further use and therefore teach children how to recycle or reuse. It will be a good way to make children...

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Little Millennium Summer Camp

Little Millennium - Valasaravakkam, Little Millennium - ValasaravakkamLittle Millennium - Valasaravakkam
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