Little Millennium: Korattur, Chennai

About Us

Little Millennium - Korattur was established on 9th June 2016 and caters to the age group of 1.5 years to 5.5 years. We have 30 students and 4 teachers in our School. Our School is backed up by Educomp Smart Class and we provide better and best am...


Little Millennium - Korattur offers the following services:<br>⦿Developing Roots(Play Group)<br>⦿Emerging Wings(Pre-KG)<br>⦿Ready to Fly 1 and 2 (LKG and UKG)<br>We also have day care and after school programs for children.

Events And Other Programs

In our School, we celebrate all the festivals (Indian and foreign) to help children to understand the importance of bonding together, sharing, etc. We also conduct music, karate, dance and yoga classes for children.

Infrastructure And Facilities

We have air conditioned Classrooms and audio-visual room for the students which provide them a comfortable environment to learn. Facilities like library, sand pit, splash pool, etc. are also available in our centre. To ensure the safety of our stu...

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Little Millennium: Korattur, Chennai

Little Millennium - Korattur, Little Millennium - KoratturLittle Millennium - Korattur
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