Little Fiddlers - Madipakkam

The Little Fiddlers Montessori

Little Fiddlers is managed by leadership team from USA who got personal training including KUMON. Entity blossomed from the idea where we developed our own kids with various concepts.Our little ones are Friendly Intelligent Daring Dynamic Loving E...


⦿Social Interaction ⦿Motor Skills ⦿Communication ⦿Reading ⦿Good Habits ⦿Ethics ⦿Montessori ⦿Music and Dance ⦿My Family ⦿3 Finger Skills ⦿Art & Craft ⦿Numbers ⦿Alphabets ⦿Science

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Little Fiddlers - Madipakkam

Little Fiddlers - Madipakkam, Little Fiddlers - MadipakkamLittle Fiddlers - Madipakkam
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