Listening To Young Children

The Power Of Parenting: Why Listening To Young Children Matters - The Hechinger Report

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — At age 2, Maya turns to her mother, Taneice Dawkins, to show off her every move. She pounds a spoon on a table, prompting her mother to exclaim, “Oh, it’s a loud banging spoon.” The little girl hands her mother a cup, a piece of p...

Talking And Listening To Your Child | Raising Children Network

A guide to good communication - encouraging children to talk to you and listen; listening to children when they talk to you; improving the bond between you and your child; helping children form relationships and build self-esteem.

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“We owe it to each other to tell stories.” —Neil Gaiman In The Boy Who Would Be a Helicopter: The Uses of Storytelling in the Classroom (1990), author and teacher Vivian Paley describes how each child in her class could tell and act out his or her...

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Listening To Young Children

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Why listening to young children matters