List Of Tests During Pregnancy

How To Go About It?

Although getting pregnant is a wonderful experience for most women, it can become daunting with all that time spent at the doctor’s clinic. It suddenly feels like there’s too much information to absorb and too many decisions to take on which tests...

Pre-Conception Tests

The first test, in fact, starts before conception with a carrier genetic screening that is done to detect if the parent might be a carrier for potentially serious genetic disorders. Some of the more common disorders screened for include cystic fib...

Early Pregnancy Tests In The First Trimester:

The Rh (or Rhesus) factor test looks for a protein on the surface of the red blood cells. About 85% of the population is Rh positive as it expresses the protein. If however, you lack the protein (Rh negative) and the father has it, complications c...

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Dr Jaishree Srinivasan has a doctorate in Molecular Genetics, a post-doc in Molecular Virology and over 15 years of work experience (both research and business) in the life science industry that span the spectrum of drug discovery and development,...

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List Of Tests During Pregnancy

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This book is an essential guide containing a compiled lists of all major tests that a mother needs to undergo during the course of pregnancy