Lilliput Activity Learning Centre

Lilliput Activity Learning Centre was born in April, 2015. This was an initiative toward value education for all kids. In today’s competitive world our kids miss the Moral values which our forefathers brought into our life, due to lack of time and...

Our Vision

Committed to create Moral values among kids in partnership with parents through our early childhood program.

Our Services

Home is the first school and parents are the first teachers for every kid, so We consider parents to be our effective partners through our extensive parent interaction & involvement. • Playgroup• Pre kindergarten• After school activities• Day car...

Other Activities

• Educational field trips • Art & Craft programs • Fitness Education • Etiquette classes • Dance classes • Music classes • Martial art and many more.

The End

Resources - Preschools | 0-18y


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We don’t just teach, We Cultivate Curiosity in your kids.