Life Without Electricity

Did Electricity Make Us Dependent?

With so many folks preparing to outlive economic depression as previous generations did in the 1930s, I wonder about our “advancement” since that humble time. Over the years, I’ve been privileged to meet many elderly country folks who gave little ...

Has Technology Made Us Lazy And Dependent?

How many of us could go a week without our cell phone? Do you even bother to memorize phone numbers anymore? I can’t even recall the last time I went a day without looking at the internet at all. Technology has made life so convenient for us that ...

Living Without Power

Vince Vitrano repots

Life Without Electricity - Our World

It is not all that long ago when we began using so many electrical appliances in everyday life. Japan’s first “pulsator-type” washing machine, a prototype of current models, reached the market in 1953. Its popularity exploded as it was a convenien...

Much Of Rural India Still Waits For Electricity

Americans turn on lights, plug in coffeemakers, and charge cellphones without a thought to the electricity required. But in parts of India, many households still lack electrical power, despite the nation’s intention more than six decades ago to br...

10 Most Costly Appliances

The average U.S. household will spend about $2,160 this year on home energy, which is $60 less than in 2009, according to the Alliance to Save Energy. Wh

10 Things You Can Do When The Power Is Out

There’s one thing people enjoy doing when the power is out, and if you don’t believe me just show up to the nearest hospital 9 months later. There is often about a 20% increase in babies born, or in Hurricane Sandy’s case, about a 30% increase. No...

The Good Old Days Before Electricity

An interview with my 99 year old great grandmother about life without electricity.

10 Things People Will Miss Most Without Electricity At Home

To go without electricity for a couple of hours is a bad enough experience for most, but imagine the horror if the power grid were to stay down for days, or even weeks! Can you imagine the unthinkable and challenge yourself to consider life withou...

Things To Do Without Electricity - The Love Of It

When I was a kid I was amazed how many people assumed you needed to buy the game to play it, not realising that often you just need pencil and paper. They’d rather buy some tacky plastic game or watch TV than make their own fun! I’m of the play-it...

Life Without Electricity In Rural Tanzania

2012 is the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All. This video is a personal reminder to me as to why this is so important. Any parents of young ch...

Cameroon General Hospital Clocks 45 Without Electricity

The presbyterian General hospital Acha in the North West region of Cameroon has for 45 years now been without hydro-electricity power supply. Unlike in all o...

The End

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Life Without Electricity

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This clipbook shows how exciting electricity less life has been.