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Life Lessons You Can Learn From Children

Anvita Bajpai



My daughter, turning 4 years this summer currently goes to a nursery. She calls her uniform as 'beauty-form'.


We rushed into the car to get back home. The little one didn't want to sit in the baby seat, So I took her in my arms and sat on the left seat of the car, realising a few seconds later that I forgot to put the seat-belt on...

Learning To Live

Khushi, my daughter, has short hair. Last night she tells me that she'd want to go to school only with hair-bands and no rubber-bands or clips as the 'akka' doesn't know how to put it back rightly.

'Infinity' Obsession

Khushi seems to be so fascinated by this number called infinity. She is not just behind the symbol, but she also wants to know where she can see infinity.

My India Is So Great :)

Khushi was recently involved in a speech and poetry event. After the event, I asked her, "What did you like the most in it?" and her reply was, "I saw that my India is so great."

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