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Letters From Famous Indians To Their Children


Letter writing is an art

Letters are not written in the hurried ways of instant messages. They are deliberate and thought-out attempts at communication. This is what makes them special and different today. And though letters may not be written much now due advances in communication technology, they persist in the form of the open letter.

The letter from a parent to a child is a special one. Especially, when the child is too young to comprehend it, because then the letter is not about communication, but about making a promise of love and expressing hopes and dreams for the future.

In this ClipBook we have collected some letters from famous people to inspire you; so that you may to craft your own letter. Even if your child is just a baby, you could write a letter to preserve your thoughts and feelings at this very moment. This letter would become a way to share this moment with your child when she is old enough to comprehend it. And if your child is old enough already, you could use the letter to tell her things that you want her to be able to read again and remember. Either way, your child will appreciate the time you have taken to craft this letter just for her and cherish your words. 


Ashish Vidyarthi To His Son

In this letter Ashish Vidyarthi acknowledges how having a son changed him as a person and taught him to be better. He also admires his son for treating people equally regardless for their gender.

Gulzar's Letter To His Daughter

The poet talks about the importance of putting in effort to achieve anything meaningful.He says: Without effort, one does not find even oneself. He also encourages his daughter to make her own choices and purse her passion and dreams, but to work ...

Sushmita Sen’S Letter To Her Daughter

Sen’s letter is short, sweet, and full of advice to her young one. She wrote it right before her daughter was set to start boarding school and hence has a lot of helpful lessons in it. She covers many crucial topics, from friendship and taking cha...

Chanda Kochhar’S Letter To Her Daughter

The CEO talks about being a woman in a man’s world, and how her daughter faces a similar world. She lauds her daughter’s independence and tells her that she will face difficult situations in the future, but that she has faith that her daughter wil...

Luke Coutinho To His Daughter

Luke Coutinho talks about how he fell in love with his daughter. How he changed from wanting to see the world, to wanting to see his daughter, maybe because his daughter did become his world. He tells his daughter that she might be imperfect, but ...

Letter From Kv Kamath To His Daughter

KV Kamath talks about the importance of education and the value of money. He admires his daughter for being confident enough to pursue something that is thought to be unsuccessful. He emphasises that success means different things for different pe...

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