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Let's Make Some New Year's Resolutions!

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Every year, this time, we gear up with resolutions for the New Year. Some may focus on physical health, while some may look for inner peace. But do we really keep these resolutions? 

Here are some ways to try and keep them. Resolutions need not always be about hitting the gym regularly or maintaining a strict diet. It can also be walking 5kms every other day and choosing greens over junk food.

New Year resolutions, according to ancient myth, are promises that we make to gods or ourselves. But now, instead of making promises to gods, people make self-promises to achieve certain goals for the year.

This New Year make resolutions to keep. Find out all about the history of resolutions and check out ideas for the whole family.  Flip through these clips to know more.


How To Make Good New Year’S Resolutions

Do you make and keep good resolutions? if you want to maximize your odds of success, make sure your resolution is serving whatever it is you’re really seeking. Find out how.

Creative New Year's Resolution Ideas

The New Year stands before us like a blank page in a book. It’s time to reflect, make some life choices and look forward to the year ahead. Here are some creative resolution ideas to get you going.

New Year's Resolutions That Are Easy To Keep

Make a list of easy-to-do achievable resolutions. Here are a few good ones that you can add to your list, to get you on your way to a healthier and happier lifestyle in 2019.

Healthy Resolutions For The Whole Family

Sometimes resolutions do not have to be a big deal. It can be something as simple as reading the nutritional labels on products before buying them from the supermarket. Eating well-balanced meals, managing stress levels and avoid binge watching TV...

Resolutions For Kids To Make

How about some simple resolutions for your kids to keep? It is a great way to introduce setting goals and reaching them. Try these lovely ideas we have for you.

Resolutions For Teens To Make

Healthy resolutions for teens can be implemented all year-round. Here are some healthy and life-changing resolution ideas.

Resolutions For Parents To Make

Make a promise to be a more patient, present, and imaginative parent. What could be more important, after all? We asked real moms for their resolutions. Make these totally doable changes today. Check them out.

History Of New Year's Resolutions

New year resolutions have various origins. Here is an interesting read that explores the history of how resolutions originated. Read on.

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