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Let's Go Birdwatching


From the tiny sparrows that are often spotted in our neighbourhoods to the mighty ostriches in the savannahs of Africa, birds are fascinating creatures that engage the interests of those who sight them. Birdwatching can be an entertaining pastime for both children and adults alike. 

When children get the opportunity to be more involved with this leisure activity, they may develop the determination to protect rare species of birds and their habitat from destruction. The research work of noted ornithologist Cagan H. Sekercioglu in the journal Environmental Conservation indicates that birdwatching has a high potential to improve the environmental well-being and educate locals about the value of biodiversity. Hence, this recreational activity is not just a fun hobby but it can also act as a means of strengthening your child's affinity towards nature.

An article on birdwatching titled 'Birding', from Alive points out that 'without realizing it, you have also derived some tangible and intangible health benefits from this contact with birds and being in nature.' Bird watching is a blend of leisure and exercise, calming your mind and body, while also making them fit at the same time. Above all, spotting birds along with your child can be a great for you to spend some quality time with her.

To get started with this new hobby, read through this ClipBook. It has all the essential information that you will need to know before you and your child begin scouting for birds. 



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