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Lessons Your Child Can Learn From World Cup 2018 Superstars


The World Cup 2018 has been the perfect mix of entertainment and excitement. Players from across the world got plenty of chance to showcase their talents on the grandest stage.

Children, too, can learn a lot from these football superstars. In fact, many of the players who played in this edition of the World Cup come from humble backgrounds. They had to battle extreme conditions like poverty and hardship but persevered until they realised their dreams. 

These inspirational stories also teach children the importance of hard work and why one must not give up while chasing a goal or a dream. Take the example of Kylian Mbappe. At the age of 19, he has become one of the feared strikers in football. However, he did not have it easy. Growing up in a Parisian suburb known more for riots and crimes, his story teaches children that nothing is impossible if we set our heart on it.

This ClipBook looks at some players who had to face many obstacles in life before reaching where they are today. 


Understanding Mbappe, The World's Best U-20 Player

When people try to describe Kylian Mbappe, they usually compare him to Thierry Henry: the child of a poor Parisian satellite town, a winger supreme both on the square inch and in a 20-yard sprint, who went from AS Monaco to greatness. But try tha...

Raheem Sterling: A Story Of Immense Inspiration For Children

The talented Man City star emerged from a difficult childhood to become the most expensive under-21 player in history when he joined City. But who is the man behind the facade of the footballer? When he was two years old, his father was shot dead...

The Birth Of The World Cup

Football is the world game, the beautiful game, and the World Cup is its showcase event, surpassing even the Olympics in terms of popularity, size and spectacle. The global appeal of football dates back to the first international match in 1872 bet...

Why The World Cup Is A Great Advertisement For Immigration

Soccer has proven to be a powerful factor in terms of integrating immigrant communities. Poorer, working-class areas have served as a rich pool of talent, some of which has made its way to the national team. And what better platform than the World...

Mbappe: Exemplifies African Diaspora In France

France striker Kylian Mbappé, his father is from Cameroon and his mother from Algeria. Mbappe grew up in the streets of Bondy, which is known for its high unemployment rate and diversity. Mbappé turned professional at Monaco when he was 16, and is...

Romelu Lukaku: An Inspirational Story That Will Leave One In Tears

Lukaku, Belgium's fearsome striker may be one of the most coveted strikers in the world but had to battle extreme poverty to reach where he is today. His family couldn't manage to buy food and had to mix water in milk to make it last. But Lukaku, ...

Luka Modric: From Dodging Bombs To Dodging Tackles

The Croat, a genius on the field, fought war to pursue his passion. His village of Modrici was regularly bombed and raided by troops. Locals would die everyday from shells and mines. After a few stints in his homeland as well as in Bosnia, he was ...

Dejan Lovren: Forced To Flee War-Torn Bosnia

Defender Dejan Lovren spent the majority of his childhood as a refugee in war-torn Bosnia. The centre-back, born in the former Yugoslavia, was only three years old when the conflict broke out and he and his family were forced to flee to Germany. L...

Mohamed Salah: How Mo Conquered The World

Egyptian star Mohammed Salah came from humble backgrounds to become one of Europe's deadliest strikers. Read this article to know more about the King of Egypt.

Angel Di Maria: Living His Father’S Dream

Argentine superstar Angel Di Maria is one of the best-known footballers on the planet. But, he had to battle adversity and humble beginnings to make it big. His father, Miguel, worked in a coal yard. In fact, his whole family worked in the yard at...

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