Lessons We Can Learn From Hp Characters

30 Life Lessons We Learn From ‘Harry Potter’ Characters

Hermoine Granger taught us that reading can save your life.

9 Things We Can Learn From Harry Potter

Harry Potter has a great storyline, no doubt. But when you look into the series, you see that there’s a lot more to it than a young wizard and his friends fighting the bad guys. Here are 9 times Harry and his friends taught us a serious life lesson.

12 Lessons That We Learn From Harry Potter Characters

Your childhood would seem worthless now if you are someone who hasn’t read Harry Potter books or haven’t yet seen any of the movies in the Blockbuster series.

30 Real Life Lessons From 'Harry Potter' That Every Adult Needs

If you've read the Harry Potter books and watched the movies, you probably have a strong attachment to J.K. Rowling's world of witchcraft and wizardry. The stories took us on fantastical adventures, showed us what true friendship looked like, tugg...

20 Life Lessons I Learned From Harry Potter

For Millennials like myself, Harry Potter wasn’t just a book series; it was everything. When Harry Potter enrolled as a first year student at Hogwarts, many of us were starting school for the first time too. The end of the book/movie series even f...

The 50 Most Important Things We've Learned From J.K. Rowling

From Hermione and Ron to Harry and Ginny, Fleur and Bill to Hagrid and Madame Maxime, love is everywhere in the Potter books. But not just in a romantic way. There’s Harry’s love for the parents he never met, and the connection he has with his mot...

21 Life Lessons We All Learned From Harry Potter

We all know how entertaining, fun, and unputdownable the Harry Potter books are, but little did we know that as we read them, they were actually shaping our lives, and not just as readers. Alongside Harry, Ron, and Hermione, we learned all about f...

50 Things We Learned From Harry Potter

The Lesson: Virtue isn’t determined by ability but by choices As Shown By: Harry and Voldemort’s respective paths are determined not by their capabilities as wizards (although both are extraordinarily proficient in that respect) but by the choices...

The 7 Most Valuable Lessons You Can Learn From Harry Potter

Yes, it’s important and there’s absolutely something to be said for being as badass and brainy as Hermonie Granger, the best witch in her year, but it’s not the end all be all definition of your potential. Instead, Harry, Ron, Hermonie, Neville, a...

25 Life Lessons I Learned From Harry Potter

The family you are born into matters much less than the family you choose. Despite what we were taught by When Harry Met Sally, men and women can be friends.

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Lessons We Can Learn From Hp Characters

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