Lesser Known Facts About Shakuni

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Shakuni (Sanskrit: , lit. bird) also known as Saubala (Sanskrit: सौबल, lit. son of Subala) and Gandhararaja (Sanskrit: गान्धारराज, lit. king of Gandhara), was the prince of Gandhara Kingdom in present-day Gandhara, later to become the King after hi...

6 Lesser Known Facts About Shakuni Of Mahabharat

Know some of the lesser known facts of Shakuni – It’s not only about dice and poisoning Duryodhana! Shakuni is one of the most intriguing characters of Mahabharat . I still cannot understand, why people seek “revenge” when it can actually spoil an...

12 Interesting Facts We Hardly Know About Shakuni, The Master Conspirator In Mahabharata

If you’re done away with those overtly dramatic daily serials, and if you’re still craving for more, read the Mahabharata. Or, if you’re averse to reading, binge watch the elaborate BR Chopra’s TV series on the epic. With twisted subplots, vibrant...

Revenge Of Shakuni: Kshitiz, Ruchi Goyal, Ekeshwar Hatwal: 9781623142278: Amazon.Com: Books

The Revenge of Shakuni presents the evil incarnate Shakuni as the central protagonist in the rich pantheon of characters in the epic. Mahabharata was not only a creation of Ved Vyasa, but an outcome of vengeance of Shakuni that engulfed in it the ...

Mahabharat Episode90 Shakuni Killed

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shakuni On the 17th day of the Mahabharat war, following the death of Karan, Sahadev (the youngest of the Pandav brothers) chall...

Mahabharat: Omg! Shakuni Reveals The Shocking Truth Behind His Look!

Must Watch: The truth behind Shakuni's Look in Mahabharat.

Shakuni - Bringer Of War

Subscribe to Epified Here: http://goo.gl/LDjISW An Epified introduction to the complex character called Shakuni, the man who engineered events and brought ...

Mahabharata Story 017 Shakuni - Told By Sriram Raghavan

The story of Shakuni - Dhuriyodhana's uncle and Gandhari's Brother.

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Lesser Known Facts About Shakuni

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