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Learning Within The Womb


You will be amazed at the number of wonderful things you little one is capable of doing inside your womb. In addition to smiling, crying and hiccuping, you baby can also learn from within the womb and create bonds with you. From a tinge of her native language and her going-to-be favourite food, your baby is constantly absorbing and learning everything from inside your uterus.

So during your pregnancy, you can use this amazing capacity of your little one to impart some awareness and knowledge onto her – either by talking to her, reading a book or playing some music. An article in babycentre says, “There's no evidence that you can increase your baby’s intelligence by playing music or reading stories. However, hearing your voice may help your baby to recognise and bond with you after birth. Interacting with your bump may also help you to relax, reduce stress and deepen your own feelings for your baby.”

However, you need not fret about it if you are not comfortable with singing or reading to your bump. Your little one is smart enough to pick up things from normal everyday conversations and happenings. This is why you also need to be careful about what you speak and what atmosphere there is around you, as during the last stages of pregnancy, your baby is constantly listening, learning, and remembering.

For more information on how babies learn how you can utilise it to make your bond with her stronger, read through this ClipBook.


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