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Music Genre List - A Complete List Of Music Styles, Types And Genres

Music comes in many different types and styles ranging from traditional rock music to world pop, easy listening and bluegrass. Many genres have a rich history or geographical significance, a cult following or music roots that go far beyond the 20t...

Indian Classical Music

Indian music encompasses some of the richest most remarkable traditions of the world.In this documentary we intend to present the complexities behind Indian ...

What Is Western Classical Music?

For some, West­ern Clas­si­cal Music ( ) is what plays in the back­ground in ele­va­tors, recep­tion rooms, and lounges. For oth­ers, it is what snob­bish ‘intel­lec­tual’ artsy folks indulge in pre­ten­tiously. In a series of blogs posts, we will...

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Learning Music

Mastering different genre of music