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Learning Activities For Kindergartners


Children in the age group of 3 to 6 years are referred to as kindergartners. At this age, your child begins developing fine and gross motor skills, and cognitive skills. So, this is the right time to involve your child in activities that will keep him engaged, arouse his curiosity and lay the foundation for an analytical mind. 

Some simple and yet interesting activities such as colouring and maths can help develop his intelligence. It is best to choose activities that are easy and fun to do, and not tough and boring. Preschoolers or kindergartners need to enjoy what they are doing. This makes the learning process interesting. There are several resources available online that list out kindergarten games and activities. You can make use of those activities in the same format or modify them to suit your purpose. You can also come up with new ideas about some games and activities yourself.

Another concept that has become very popular these days is project-based learning, and kindergartens are also adopting the idea. An article on Edutopia, ‘Kindergartners Explore Through Project Learning’, mentions an award-winning kindergarten learning centre based in Auburn, Alabama, where children are involved in the process of creating as they learn. It is an interesting read if you want to be innovative in your approach to providing kindergarten activities to your child.

What your child learns at this stage will also determine his future path of learning. By making learning fun, you can ensure that your preschooler gets to play and learn at the same time and is well prepared for the rigorous years of schooling ahead.

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