Learn To Say No

10 Ways To Say "No" Without Saying No

Telling your toddler "no" is one of the easiest forms of discipline, but it isn't always the most effective. Here are 10 better ways to get your tot to listen.

How To Say No To Your Kids

Saying no is never easy, but it’s often necessary. Here are several ways to make it easier on both you and your kids.

Stop Saying "No"!- Tips For Positive Parenting - The Kid Counselor™

Children learn best from experience and instruction, which requires parents to set limits on behaviors. However, that does not mean children need to be told “no” hundreds of times each day. Studies show that toddlers typically hear the word “no” 4...

Saying No To Your Child: How To Be A More Assertive Parent

It can be hard to say “no” to our kids. Does your child manipulate, act out and negotiate until he gets his way? Sara Bean explains how to change from being a passive parent into an assertive one by taking back authority and learning how to say “n...

Why You Should Never Negotiate With A 5-Year-Old

I am the adult person who makes the decisions. My kids, no matter how outraged, are still the kids.

Parenting Advice By Expert, Emma Jenner: Kids Need To Hear "No"!

I wrote an article for the Huffington Post and here I give you the scoop on point #3 Being afraid of 'No'! There are times you'll need to say it and there ar...

Why You Should Say "No" To Your Kids

Dr. Meg Meeker shares her insight on parenting as part of LEAD's 2012-2013 Parent University. LEAD, a 501C(3) non-profit in Lake Forest, IL supports families...

How To Say No | Ask Dr Sears

“No” is a power-packed word, quick on the lips, easy to say. Your child will hear you use this word often, and you will hear it from your child as well. It’s necessary for a parent to say “no” to a child so the child can later say “no” to himself....

This Woman Says Saying Yes To Your Child Is Being A Good Parent

Would you let your children swear at you and cut through live electrical wires? Meet the woman who believes you should never say 'no' to kids

How To Say "No" To Your Kids And Why They'll Thank You Later

No one enjoys saying “No” to their kids – the tantrums, the whining – it can be tempting to just give in. But what does giving in really teach our children?

How To Say No (Without Saying No)

Try one of these smart alternatives to just saying no

Just Say No... To Your Kids

Just Say No...To Your Kids "What? Are you serious?? You never let me do anything! Give me one good reason why I can't go." Does this little dialogue sound familiar? The consequences of teaching our children to question and challenge so that their ...

How To Avoid Meltdowns Without Caving In

When you see signs of your child heading toward a tantrum and you realize you aren't going to be able to stay cool, calm and collected, there is a way to "give in" to your child (thereby avoiding the meltdown) without teaching her that whenever sh...

Saying No To Children | Cloudmom

Somedays there is no word more frequently out of my mouth than NO. http://www.cloudmom.com NO, you can't have ice cream for breakfast. NO, you can't watch TV...

Positive Reinforcement: 9 Things You Shouldn't Say To Your Child

Learn what phrases to banish from your vocabulary and how to talk so your kids will really listen

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Learn To Say No

Arjun NarayananArjun Narayanan
While you might be tempted to indulge the demands of your child, there are many occasions when you need to draw the line and say 'NO'