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Largest Families In The World


Families are a very important part of our lives. Our parents and caregivers are the first people we get to know, and our siblings and cousins are some our first friends. A family exerts a lot of influence on an individual's life and, to a great degree, moulds his outlook. Even the size of our family can make a significant difference. 

But, have you noticed that families seem to be getting smaller these days? While the size of the family becoming smaller may not surprise you, have you wondered about how big families can get? Turns out the answer is Really big!

In this ClipBook, we introduce you to some of the largest families in the world. If you think your family is huge, you are likely to be surprised by the size of the families mentioned in our list. 


The Duggar Family

This pro-life couple asked God for as many children as possible after realising that birth-control measures weren't fool-proof. According to their latest blog, they now have 19 children in their family...

The Bates Family

While we are worried about shrinking resources and how tough life is becoming, that's not the case with the Bates family. With 19 children, they have their own reality show on air called ‘Bringing up the Bates’...

The Oliveiras

Luiz Costa de Oliveira,a 90-year-old farmer from Brazil, is father to 50 children. He now is a grandfather to 100 grandchildren and great grandfather to 30. According to the nonagenarian, the only downside of having such a large family is that he ...

The Pullan Family

While the size of the family is what attracts our attention, the number of family members isn't the only factor, at least not with the Pullan family. This family of ten members is likely to be the biggest albino family in the world...

The Vassilyev Family

This is the family with the mother who holds the world record for giving birth to the largest number of children. Take a minute to guess what that number could be. Ready? It’s 69! Though only 67 survived past their infancy, it’s still a huge numbe...

The Daad Family

Daad Mohammed Al Balushi, from UAE has 17 wives and has sired at least 96 children till date, though the exact number is not known. His goal is to sire at least a hundred children. He’s said to have provided each of his wives with a separate and l...

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