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At the KUDOS Play school, we provide a serene, safe and caring educational environment where children are encouraged to express themselves creatively and develop thinking skills while learning to respect self and others. The learning will be enric...

Why Kudos

⦿ Kudos Madipakkam is headed by Doctor with a team of Montessori Certified Teachers. ⦿ Scientific based well researched International curriculum across all centres ⦿ Kudos brain gym, Non - Toxic toys, Audio Zone, etc., ⦿ Parenting seminars for par...

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Kudos Play School - Madipakkam

Kudos Play school - Madipakkam, Kudos Play School - MadipakkamKudos Play school - Madipakkam
Kudos Play School is a Montessori way play school with a maximum enrolment of 60 children per session.