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1. Sukhoi Su-30mki

The Sukhoi Su-30MKI is a super-manoeuvrable twinjet air superiority fighter which is manufactured under license from Russia by the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited for the Indian Air Force. The constantly evolving Sukhoi Su-30MKI has provided the Ind...

Boost To Iaf’S Combat Strategy

With the induction of large numbers of class leading Sukhoi-30 MKI fighters, the Indian Air Force (IAF) has not only made a huge technological transition from a MiG-21 dominated fleet, its war fighting doctrine has also changed, focusing on long-r...

Competence Tested

In some of the most intense international air combat exercises ever featuring the Indian Air Force, IAF pilots flying Sukhoi 30 MKI fighters had a resounding 12-0 scoreline in their favour against Royal Air Force Typhoon jets in Within Visual Rang...

2. Tejas - India's Light Combat Aircraft

India’s Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) together with its variants, is the smallest and lightest Multi-Role Supersonic Fighter Aircraft of its class. This single engine, Compound-Delta-Wing, Tail-less Aircraft is designed and developed by ADA with HAL...

Facts About Tejas

Economic Times lists out 11 interesting facts about India's first home-grown fighter plane. Read on to find out.

3. Mikoyan Mig-27 'Bahadur'

This is a version of the MiG-23 optimized for the ground attack role, with a new nose, simpler engine intakes and nozzle, and other changes. These limit supersonic performance, but reduce cost, weight and fuel consumption. The MiG-27 Flogger D/J p...

Bahadur: Facts

With its sophisticated avionics and weapon computers, it is capable of delivering a variety of loads in different modes of attack. A very stable weapons platform with good forward visibility and all around view, it can carry precision munitions gu...

Design, Development And Variants

Here's all that you need to know about the features of MiG 27.

4. Sepecat Jaguar Ground Attack Aircraft

Jaguar is a twin-engine, ground attack aircraft designed and developed jointly by Breguet of France (now part of Dassault) and the UK-based British Aircraft Corporation (BAC).

5. Mikoyan Gurevich Mig-29 B/Ub "Baaz"

The MiG-29 first went into production in the erstwhile USSR in August 1983.The Indian government signed the contract for procuring the MiG-29 in September 1986. Deliveries of the aircraft were made by sea and assembled at Pune by the manufacturer...

Migs Over Kargil: How The Fulcrum Buzzed The Falcons

It was the impregnable top cover provided by the MiG-29s that allowed the Indian Air Force to play a crucial role during the 1999 Kargil War.

6. Dassault Mirage 2000

Read about the development and operational history of the multi-role aircraft of French origin...

7. Mig-21 Bison

The Indian Air Force's love affair with the MiG-21 spans nearly forty years. The first MiG-21s, the early F-13s, also known as Type 74s arrived in October 1963 equipping the newly raised ' First Supersonics' – No.28 Squadron. About six of them wer...

8. C-130 J Super Hercules

India to Go For Six More C-130 J Super Hercules as U.S Prepares For another Foreign Military Sale The Indian Air Force (IAF) has revealed the intention to go for six more C-130 J Super Hercules aircraft from the U.S besides the six already ordered.

9. Hawker Siddeley Hs 748

The Hawker Siddeley HS 748 is a medium-sized turboprop airliner originally designed by the British firm Avro in the late 1950s as a replacement for the aging DC-3s then in widespread service as feederliners.

Hs 748-Design And Features

The original 748 design was started in 1958 after the infamous 1957 Defence White Paper ended most military manned aircraft development in the UK.....

10. Antonov An-32 Cline

Known as the Sutlej in the IAF, the An-32 is the workhorse of the transport fleet traveling to far off bases such as Leh, to deliver much-needed supplies to the Army outposts in the area.

An-32 : Design And Features

The AN-32 has excellent takeoff characteristics under tropical and mountainous (high-altitude) conditions, including hot climates (up to + 55°C) and from the mountain airfields (up to 4,500 m height) where hot or thin air hampers the powerplant's ...

11. Dornier Do-228

The Do-228 was bought in to fill in a Light Transport Aircraft requirement within the armed forces. For the IAF, the LTA was to replace existing DHC-3 Otter and the DH Devon aircraft which were used for communication and liason flights.

12. C-17 Globemasters

India’s Ministry of Defence signed an agreement with the U.S. government in June 2011 to acquire 10 Boeing C-17 Globemaster III airlifters. The sale, approved by the U.S. Congress in May 2010, establishes India as the C-17's largest international ...

A Force To Reckon With

Meet the C-17 - The Super-Jet That Is Powering India’s Most Daring Rescues

13. Illyushin Il-76,78

Known as the Gajraj (King Elephant) in the IAF, the IL-76MD forms the strategic/heavy transport fleet. The Indian Government first approved the induction of IL 76 MD aircraft in March 1983....

Il-78 Midas Air-To-Air Refuelling/Transport

The Ilyushin IL-78 air-to-air refuelling tanker aircraft is a four-engine tanker principally used for in-flight refuelling. It was designed and developed on the basis of a similar predecessor, the IL-76...

14. Emb-145 Aew&C

The EMB-145 AEW&C is a derivative of the Embraer ERJ-145 regional jetliner airframe, modified with the integration of an airborne early warning radar and mission system. The aircraft incorporates a reinforced airframe, new navigation and communica...

15. Beriev A-50

The Beriev A-50 is the AWACs variant of the Illyushin-76 transport aircraft. Indias first A-50 aircraft equipped with the Phalcon radar arrived on 25th May 2009 and was officially inducted on the 28th May 2009...

India Improving Its Aew&C Capability

In April 2000 Russia sent two Beriev A-50 ‘Mainstay’ AEW&C aircraft to India, where they were used by the Indian Air Force (IAF) to evaluate the type and monitor Pakistani activity across the border.

16. Gulfstream Iii

The Indian Air Force operates a single Gulfstream III SRA , registered as VT-ENR, for ELINT duties. The aircraft is usually based at Palam Air Force Station and is targeted almost exclusively against Pakistan.

17. Hal, Hindustan Hjt-16 Kiran

The HAL HJT-16 Kiran is a single-engine two-seat jet trainer aircraft produced by the Indian manufacturer Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), operated by the Indian Air Force.

More About Kiran

Used for intermediate training for pilots who had finished basic flying training on the HPT-32 Deepak. The first aircraft powered by the Rolls Royce Viper Mk 11 was flown for the first time on the 4 September 1964. The production aircraft was desi...

18. Pilatus Pc-7

The hunt for the basic trainer aircraft for the Indian Air Force (IAF) may have ended as the Pilatus PC-7 Turbo aircraft offered by the Swiss firm Pilatus Aircraft Limited has been identified as the lowest bidder in the tender offered by India.

Features Of Pilatus Pc 7

The two-seat light trainer aircraft Pilatus PC-7 turbo was built by Pilatus Aircraft in Switzerland. It can perform various functions, including aerobatics and tactical and night flying. The PC-7 can accommodate a crew of two members (a student an...

Bae Systems In Talks To Weaponise India's Hawks

The Indian Air Force (IAF) is in negotiations with BAE Systems to weaponise its fleet of Hawk Mk 132 advanced jet trainers (AJTs) so they could be deployed on strike co-ordinated armed reconnaissance and close air support missions.

20. Hal Chetak

The Chetak Multipurpose Helicopter is an improved version of Alouette III and was awarded civil airworthiness certificate on 12 Dec 1961. It has a tricycle type undercarriage and can carry seven passengers including the pilots. The Helicopter Divi...

21. Hal Cheetal

Cheetal is the re-engined version of the Cheetah helicopter. The project initiated during 2002 and aimed to enhance high altitude operational capabilities and maintainability as well as to provide a mid-life upgrade for safe & reliable operations.

22. Hal Dhruv

The Helicopter Division of the government-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has developed the Dhruv (Pole Star) advanced light helicopter (ALH), a light (5.5t class) multirole and multimission helicopter for army, air force, navy, coastgua...

In Siachen, Dhruv Proves A World-Beater

It was a brutal test of helicopter and pilot. As the Dhruv Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) shuddered towards the icy helipad on a 21,000-foot ledge overlooking the Siachen Glacier.....

23. Hal Rudra

Rudra is an attack helicopter manufactured by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), for the Indian Army. It is the Weapon System Integrated (WSI) Mk-IV variant of the Dhruv Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH). Rudra is the first armed helicopter being ...

24. Mi-35m (Hind E) Attack Helicopters

The Mi-35M is a multi-role combat helicopter manufactured by Rostvertol, a subsidiary of Russian Helicopters. It is an export variant of Mi-24 Hind attack helicopter. Primarily designed for attack and military transport missions, the helicopter de...

25. Hal Light Combat Helicopters

A prototype of the Light Combat Helicopter (LCH), currently under development by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) for the Indian Army (IA) and Indian Air Force (IAF), recently completed hot and high altitude trials, the Business Standard reports.

26. Mil Mi-26

The Mi-26 was procured to meet the Heavy Lift requirements of the IAF. A requirement of six helicopters was projected and the first two Helicopters were procured at a cost of Rs 18 Cr each in May 1986. No. 126 Helicopter Flight was raised the same...

27. Lakshya Pta

Pilotless Target Aircraft (PTA) (named as Lakshya) is a reusable aerial target system. Lakshya is remotely operated from ground to provide aerial target for training of gun and Missile crew and Air Defence pilots for all the three Services.

27. Iai Herons

New Delhi recently approved a $ 400 million deal for the purchase of armed Heron TP UAVs.

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