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Know All About Achievers' Moms


"To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power. Or the climbing, falling colors of a rainbow." This is what the famous poet Maya Angelou had to say about her mother. A majority of achievers credit their mothers for their success -- be it in sports, films, business or any other field -- and are inspired by these strong women.     

This Mother's Day, we have compiled for you a list of achievers' moms and little known facts about them. Read this ClipBook to find out more.  


Saroj Kohli, Mother Of Virat Kohli

After Virat Kohli's father passed away when the cricketer was just 18 years old, his mother has held the family together and also motivated him and shaped his personality. He says that his mother is one of the strongest women he has ever known

Ujjwala Padukone, Mother Of Deepika Padukone

It is not every day that you meet someone whose spouse is a famous sportsperson, whose elder daughter is one of the highest paid actresses rubbing shoulders with the A-Listers in Bollywood and younger daughter is a professional golfer. Yet she hol...

Usha Nehwal, Mother Of Saina Nehwal

The talent of playing badminton has made Saina Nehwal distinguished not only in India, but also across the globe. The international badminton champion has said that it is her mother is responsible in making her think like a champion and instilled ...

Rajini Tendulkar, Mother Of Sachin Tendulkar

The legendary cricketer feels inspired by his mother Rajini Tendulkar, who is a retired LIC employee and that is why he dedicated his Bharat Ratna to her. “I’m humbled and honoured to be given the Bharat Ratna. This award is for my mother because...

Madhu Chopra, Priyanka Chopra's Mother

Priyanka Chopra says about her mother -- "As cliched as it may sound, my mother is my #GirlHero. She is a fiesty woman that came from a small town, who ran away from home to pursue her dream job... she was a doctor in the armed forces, has over 8 ...

Leela Raj, Mother Of Mithali Raj's

"How can you allow your daughter to play cricket? What if she gets an injury on her face, who will marry her? That time anyone who heard about a girl who was playing cricket raised questions -- Leela Raj faced such questions often. But she support...

Shabnam Singh, Mother Of Yuvraj Singh

The mother-son duo found it really tough to handle the highs and lows when Yuvraj started out as a cricketer. One day he would be praised for his good performance, while the next day, criticism followed if he failed to perform. But his mother Shab...

Sushila, Mother Of Viswanathan Anand

Sushila found out about Anand’s interest in chess when he was just five. Since then she has supported him, taught him basic moves of chess and even accompanied him to the tournaments when he became a professional player.

P Vijaya, Mother Of P V Sindhu's

Sindhu’s mother, Vijaya too was a national level volleyball player. But, Sindhu was keen to play badminton and her parents respected her decision.

The Mothers Who Make The News And Daughters Who Follow Suit

Some daughters follow in their illustrious mother’s footsteps, and others travel a different path. But no matter where life takes them, the special mother-daughter bond always is something to fall back on when times are hard. Through the journey o...

20 Proud Mothers Of Famous Indians

"All that I'm or hope to be, I owe it all to my mother." - Abraham Lincoln As we come upon Mother's Day, Abraham Lincoln's quote rings true; there is no way that we would be the person that we are today without the sacrifice, motivation, and love ...

25 Famous Women On Their Mothers

No matter which way you slice it, most mother-daughter relationships are dizzyingly complex — filled with laughter, fighting, and so much love. I n celebration of Mother’s Day, the Cut rounded up a list of uplifting, profound, and heartbreaking qu...

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