Kiwilearners Early Learning Centre

About Kiwilearners!

KiwiLearners is an international early childhood centre led by a New Zealand centre director. -Quality education and care for children -Skilled staff trained to New Zealand standards -Holistic play-based program -Safe indoor and large outdoor env...

Our Learning Environment!

Children attending KiwiLearners explore, play, learn, and develop together using the well resourced and presented indoor and outdoor environment. The KiwiLearners environment offers spaces that can be used flexibly to meet the interests and abilit...

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Learning - Early Ed. | 1-6 yrs

Kiwilearners Early Learning Centre

KiwiLearners Early Learning Centre, Kiwilearners Early Learning CentreKiwiLearners Early Learning Centre
The KiwiLearners mission is to build a strong foundation for life-long learning by providing future focused education for young learners.